3Days 2Ride Sibiu 2022

Scout and Discover

Date: 04 – 07 August 2022

Duration: 4 days / 3 days riding / 3 nights accommodation

Length: 500Km

Distance on asphalt: 80 Km

Distance off road: 420 Km

Start / Finish: Polovragi / Voineasa

3Days 2Ride Sibiu is a predominantly off-road tour through the Carpathian Mountains in the Sibiu area. We explored 4 mountains in a row: the Cindrel Mountains, the Șureanu Mountains, the Lotru Mountains and the Latorița Mountains on off-road trails. We rode on road segments that are part of TET Romania or the famous Transalpina mountain road, all culminating in the Strategica road crossing the summits of the Latorița Mountains.

Check-out the video and photos if you want to see how we had fun in our tour and on what type of roads we went.


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