3Days 2Ride Banat 2022

Scout and Discover

Date: 14 – 17 July 2022

Duration: 4 days / 3 days riding / 3 nights accommodation

Length: 550Km

Distance on asphalt: 120 Km

Distance off road: 430 Km

Start / Finish: Petroșani / Răchițele

3Days 2Ride Banat is a mostly off-road tour of the South-West Carpathians. We covered unpaved mountain roads crossing the Vâlcan, Mehedinți, Cerna or Semenic Mountains. We also covered some segments of TET Romania or well-known asphalt roads such as Trans Semenic or Trans Luncani.

In the 3 days of adventure we reached several times the alpine area of ​​these mountain ranges so we had extraordinary views and many segments of off-road that tested our driving skills to the fullest.

Check-out the video and photos if you want to see how we had fun in our tour and on what type of roads we went.


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