We are on 2 wheels still from small children and for more than 10 years we are on 2 wheels with a motor. After more than 250,000 km of motor experience, we decided to share our experiences with those passionate about travel and adventure. Throughout this period we have been faced with a lack of information about the places where you can enjoy a motorcycle ride. We started as everybody with the classic Transfagarasan, Cheia, Siriu and Transalpina, then from the desire to try something else we began to explore. Slowly we came to travel thousands and thousands of miles through the country and through neighboring counties and we were struck by the lack of information about all kinds of interesting places that would be worth visiting.

2 RIDE aims to test roads, trails, motorcycles, equipment, accessories and everything else related to riding on two wheels, so that we can provide you with all the information you need before going on the road. We are not journalists, we are not experts in the field, we are not racing drivers … we want to be that friend who went on that road or went with that motorcycle or he also had the equipment you want to buy and shares his opinion about that experience. We want to share our stories and our travel experiences to give you confidence that anything is possible and that there is only one ingredient needed, namely that you really want to go on the road!

Andrei Panaitescu
Andrei Panaitescu
main rider

I started riding on two wheels with a 49 cmc scooter somewhere in 2008, I just wanted to get rid of the traffic in Bucharest and I had no plans to jump to something bigger. I wasn’t interested. It seemed complicated and dangerous.

Only after about 2 years I said that eventually the A category driving licence can help me go with a slightly larger scooter. I never got to the scooter I ended up borrowing a motorcycle, a Suzuki GS500, from a friend and so I started riding through Romania with Adina.

We liked it so much that since then nothing stopped us from reaching southern Morocco, Nordkapp and from Portugal to Ukraine and Turkey through the Alps, the Balkans, riding along all kinds of roads. We got on from impeccable highways to forest roads full of mud and dust.

Although the motorcycles have changed, after the first thousands of kilometers the GS500 followed a Yamaha XJR1300 for tens of thousands of kilometers and for a few years we got to a BMW R1200 GSA, the desire to explore the world on two wheels remained the same.

Costin Beekman
main rider

As a job I am an architect. It doesn’t have much relevance, but the idea is that this whole motorcycle story started at the office. A colleague who had just bought his first motorcycle, lend it to me for a ride, to see if I liked it. He only showed me how to start and how to brake, so at the end of the street my engine died because I didn’t even know how to change the gear or pull the clutch. The thing is that I liked the feeling, and a few months later my colleagues in the office sent me to school for category A driving licence. The following year, in the spring of 2007, I took my exam for motorcycle licence and then I bought the first motorcycle: a Honda CB500F.

Since then I started to ride almost daily with the motorcycle, almost everywhere I could: at work, on vacation, in business trips for work. By 2009, two other colleagues had bought their own motorcycles and together with them we formed a group with which once a few weeks we went on trips for several days around the country. I was in charge of organizing, accommodating and choosing the route and I started to like it. In 2014 I dared to dream and take a longer tour through Europe, that is a trip to Paris and back with a “small” detour through the Alps. On this occasion, I thought of keeping a travel diary so I started the blog “1 + 2 wheels”. Since then, I started recording all my trips on the blog, in the idea that I will inspire other motorcyclists. After Paris, I went to Normandy, Cappadocia, Nordkapp and many other places closer to Bucharest.

In 2015 I decided to add to the blog, a new section presenting the roads that I consider spectacular for motorcycle rides or excursion ideas.

Regarding the motorcycle, the rule I guide is the following: it doesn’t matter that it is summer or winter, that it is 40 degrees or that it is -10 degrees Celsius… if there is no snow, ice and no heavy rain, any day is good to go for a motorcycle ride!

Adina Vartan
Adina Vartan
main rider

When I was 3 years old I was arrested for vagrancy, so I was told, what I know since then is the sensation: the noise of the metal door slammed in the back, the escape from a safe environment into am unknown environment which wants to be discovered.

This time is the open road that I discovered with Andrei. We started in 2010 on two wheels and since then we have not stopped. Most of the km I made running in my head “I am a passenger and I ride and I ride …”. Several hundreds of thousands of kilometers and several continents further, the urge to leave for another trip remains.

There is an explanation for this addiction to motorcycles, road and movement, the brain enters the state of flow; we are not more special but 2ride is 2discover.

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