67,5 Km
This road is excellent for beginners in off-road riding: it is of low difficulty and offers very beautiful landscapes. Also from this route you can access a lot of other forest roads for all levels of experience.
In the area around Câmpina and Moreni there are a lot of oil wells. Between them a network of gravel roads have been built for access and maintenance. The road presented today starts from Filipeștii de Pădure and crosses several hills to the town of Moreni.
12 Km
The road between Telega and Cosmina de Jos, which passes through the village of Buștenari, is quite spectacular due to the configuration which is similar with a roller coaster.
15,2 Km
The proposed segment is starting from the communal road 5C that connects the villages Mislea and Bușteanari from Prahova County. Basically we will get from Mislea to Buștenari but on a slightly longer route.
44,5 Km
Road on the left bank of Argeș River from 1 Decembrie village upstream to the dam at Mihăilești and then to Bolintin Vale.
43,5 Km
Road along Argeș where the Danube-Bucharest canal should have been. You will encounter many ruins of the infrastructure work started for it.