Tururi moto Romania
Offroad motorcycle tour in Harghita
How it was in our 2020 tour
Date: 24-28 September  Duration: 5 days / 4 days riding / 4 nights accommodation Length: 630 Km Distance on asphalt: 345 Km Distance off road: 285 Km Start / Finish: Băile Tușnad / Târgu Secuiesc 4Days 2Ride Harghita  explored the Eastern Carpathians from the Bodoc mountains to the north...
Offroad motorcycle tour in Brasov area
How it was in our 2020 tour
Date: 25-28 June Duration: 4 days / 3 days riding / 3 nights accommodation Length: 550 Km Distance on asphalt: 270 Km Distance off road: 280 Km Start / Finish: Râșnov / Zărnești 3Days 2Ride Brașov was a motorcycle tour in which we explored the hill and mountain areas in...