Pasul Vâlcan or Transvâlcan is a half-paved, half-unpaved road that crosses the Vâlcan mountains from North to South
The road between Durău and Izvorul Muntelui was asphalted in the summer of 2020. It is a road that goes up to over 1000m altitude, full of turns and a scenic viewpoint towards Lake Bicaz.
12 Km
The road between Telega and Cosmina de Jos, which passes through the village of Buștenari, is quite spectacular due to the configuration which is similar with a roller coaster.
cetatea rasnov
22,4 Km
On DN1 between Azuga and Predeal, before entering Predeal, right after the bridge over the Prahova river, we have to turn to DN73A towards Rasnov
9 Km
The entire road segment that we propose between Targusor and Cheia villages is only 8 km long. Starting from Târgușor, you will first travel a long straight and flat stretch road.
31,2 Km
This road is relatively little known. Until recently, the road was not paved and is not located in a touristic area. The route doesn’t connect any large cities or important villages therefore the traffic is very low.