The area of hills between Găești and Târgoviște is full off access roads to oil wells. This is a route between the villages of Boboci, Mislea and Butoiu de Sus.
22,1 Km
The area of subcarpathian hills around Ploiești and the city of Târgoviște is studded with forest roads or access to oil wells. This is a route west of Târgoviște with some interesting sections on top of some hills or through a valley where there is no road anymore.
A route that crosses the Măcin Mountains from North to South, from Luncavița to Greci. Dirt road that can be traveled relatively easily when dry
14km (7Km ridden by us)
We wanted to go from Bertea, Lutu Roșu to Teșila, but we didn't succeed because we lost the right path and got stuck.